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A Drink of Deadly Wine, by Kate Charles

A Drink of Deadly Wine

The Book of Psalms #1

By Kate Charles

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• Fiction/Mystery • 288 pages

ISBN: 978-1-934609-82-8

A scholarly, inspiring speaker, a devoted husband and father … Gabriel Neville is the model of a modern minister. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s as beautiful as a gilded angel. More than one member of his swanky London parish has suggested that Father Gabriel would do credit to an archbishop’s robes. But all those hopes will blow away like smoke if one unknown blackmailer has his way. In desperation, Neville calls on a long-lost lover, the one person he feels he can trust with his secrets. This may not, it turns out, have been the cleverest idea. A Drink of Deadly Wine is the first novel in Kate Charles’s ecclesiastical series set in the Church of England.

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Fans of Julia Spencer Fleming’s “Reverend Clare Fergusson” series and Phil Rickman’s “Reverend Merrily Watkins” series

“A bloodstained version of the world of Barbara Pym” —The Guardian

“A stunning debut. The author ... brilliantly lures the reader down one track, then another, always managing to surprise”—Chicago Sun-Times