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Buried for Pleasure, by Edmund Crispin

Buried for Pleasure

Gervase Fen #6

By Edmund Crispin

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• Fiction/Mystery • 230 pages

ISBN: 978-1-934609-20-0

It’s a naughty world, a tiresome world, a world notably lacking in witty epigrams. In short, it’s a world that is crying out for Gervase Fen, and so he has declared himself a candidate for Parliament, ready to serve the good people of…where was it again? Fen’s political ambitions, though, get just a little sidetracked by the murdered policeman who crops up on the campaign trail, not to mention the escaped (and naked) lunatic who’s convinced he’s Woodrow Wilson. And then there’s the peculiar clergyman and the love-struck pig…

Crispin could never be accused of writing a standard-issue murder mystery, but it’s with his later titles, including most definitely Buried for Pleasure, that he gave full and glorious vent to his antic imagination. That imagination, however, was always disciplined, and at the end, the entire eccentric plot is tidily wrapped up — pig, priest, president, politics, poisoned policeman and all.

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Fans of Dorothy L. Sayers, John Dickson Carr, dry wit, and the intricate plotting of the Golden Age of detective fiction

“An absolute and unalloyed delight” — New York Times

“Dr. Gervase Fen, that civilised, eccentric, and fiercely analytical sleuth, is one of the key figures of the crime-fiction genre” — Times of London