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Close Up, by Esther Verhoef


By Esther Verhoef

Paperback [ $14.95 $7.47 ]

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• Fiction/Mystery • 384 pages

ISBN: 978-1-934609-47-7

Pudgy, plain, and newly single, Margot feels simultaneously invisible and entirely exposed, all her vulnerabilities on shameful display. She has a vague memory of having had friends or at least a social circle, but those easy pleasures now feel entirely beyond her grasp. Unable to muster much of a protest, she allows herself to be bundled off for a weekend in London, where she is — astonishingly — taken up by a thrillingly bohemian, artsy crowd and the irresistibly glamorous and powerfully sexual photographer at their center. No fool, Margot understands she’s being used, even if she doesn’t understand exactly how or why, and there is some darkness in her lover’s past that gives her pause. But though readers will imagine they know what lies in wait for Margot, the conclusion of this award-winning thriller will surprise … everybody.

Brooke Allen, of the Barnes & Noble Review, listed Close-Up as one of her favorite Felony & Mayhem mysteries, writing, “Verhoef is a novelist capable of delineating characters that transcend the standard thriller stereotypes, and her Margot makes an endearing heroine.”

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"Excellent, fluid writing and sharp dialogue ... both a thriller and an always-interesting portrait of a woman groping her way into the light"—Tangled Web