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Death and Letters

Henry Gamadge #15

By Elizabeth Daly

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• Fiction/Mystery • 216 pages

ISBN: 978-1-63194-072-9

Henry Gamadge is summoned to a secluded estate by way of a crossword puzzle, the only means of communication for a widow being held captive by her relatives. They claim she’s lost her mind; she thinks they have shut her away to keep her from spilling on her late husband’s suspicious suicide. Gamadge knows that a woman who can convey her situation in the space of a crossword is most definitely in possession of her mental faculties. But can he sort out the secrets of a clan hell-bent on avoiding scandal? Originally published in 1950, Death and Letters is the penultimate “Henry Gamadge” mystery.

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"Henry Gamadge is one of the more captivating sleuths in detective fiction"-New York Herald Tribune