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The Glass Mask

Todd & Georgine #2

By Lenore Glen Offord

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• Fiction/Mystery • 240 pages

ISBN: 978-1-63194-028-6

In Lenore Glen Offord’s Skeleton Key, readers were introduced to Georgine Wyeth, a widowed young mother in California who stumbled across a body and walked – she emphatically did not fall – into the arms of Todd McKinnon, a pulp novelist living in the community where the murder took place. It’s now a few years later, and the couple are taking a car trip with Georgine’s daughter, Barbie. On their way home they stop for what they fondly imagine will be a brief visit with a peculiar family, only to be sucked into the family’s extremely peculiar mystery, involving a disappeared husband, a dead old lady, and mysterious footsteps in the night. First published in 1944, Glass Mask is a fascinating mix of old-fashioned puzzle-mystery and a startlingly modern sensibility – that allows Todd and Georgine to travel together, for example, without the benefit of wedding rings. It’s a delight.

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Fans of Craig Rice and Margaret Maron

"An entertaining tale, and one of Offord's best"-Susan Dunlap, 1001 Midnights