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More Work for the Undertaker, by Margery Allingham

More Work For The Undertaker

Albert Campion #13

By Margery Allingham

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• Fiction/Mystery • 304 pages

ISBN: 978-1-934609-48-4

The undertaker in Margery Allingham’s More Work for the Undertaker suffers from the unfortunate name of Bowels, but that’s rather the least of his worries. More problematic is his location in Apron Lane, a little bit of Dickensian London that still appears to be flourishing in this brave new post-War world. Urchins abound, and a quasi-feudal order is maintained by the eccentric Palinode family, once the squires of Apron Street and still expecting a certain forelock-tugging deference, even as their fortunes have evaporated.

The Apron might be nothing more than an amusing anachronism if its Dickensian aspect did not include a distinctly Bill Sikes-style of omnipresent threat. With the police prototypically baffled, Albert Campion takes up local lodgings in an effort to identify the source of the violence and, incidentally, lend a hand with the Palinodes’ beloved crossword puzzles.

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Fans of Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and the Golden Age of Mystery Fiction

"A top-notch mystery, full of keen characterization, humor, old English atmosphere, a charmingly decadent family and a few sudden deaths"—New York Times