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Naming the Bones, by Louise Welsh

Naming the Bones

By Louise Welsh

Paperback [ $14.95 ]

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• Fiction/Mystery • 384 pages

ISBN: 978-1-934609-66-8

Professor Murray Watson is rather a sad sack. His family, his career, his affair with a colleague’s wife…even drinking no longer offers much joy. It would be nice to say that his passions have been channeled into scholarship, but the truth is, his research is increasingly feeling like a chore, and a pointless one at that. Archie Lunan, the poet who drowned these 30 years ago off a remote stretch of Scottish coast? Murray’s meant to be writing his biography, with the expectation that burnishing Lunan’s reputation will redeem his own. But the more Murray learns about Lunan, the more he looks like just another drunk with a knack for a nice phrase. And that tragic death? Some tedious sense of honor compels Murray to go poking around northern Scotland, just to finish up the sodding research. But really, was it such a tragedy after all?

The Financial Times called Louise Welsh’s novel “A hugely enjoyable literary thriller,” and we agree; the writing is exquisitely precise, and the finale is downright gothic.

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Fans of Denise Mina’s Glasgow trilogy and Ian Rankin’s “Inspector Rebus” series

“Characters are vividly drawn, Welsh’s portrait of a shabby Glasgow pub is exquisite, and her Lismore is wonderfully bleak and forbidding”—Booklist