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Road Kill

Charlie Fox #5

By Zoë Sharp

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• Fiction/Mystery • 432 pages

ISBN: 978-1-63194-078-1

For Charlie Fox, motorcycles have been nothing but good. They’ve been a means of escape, a source of power, even sometimes a way to feel tough when real toughness was in short supply. But now they’ve turned on her. A bike accident has claimed one life, and left her best friend for dead. A local gang looks to have downshifted from racing for kicks to something a lot more dangerous. And as Charlie pokes around – was it an accident? Just what is the gang playing at? – her beloved bike start looking less like a symbol of freedom and more like an avatar of rage. And Charlie herself, the Chick On the Bike? She’s looking less like an avenging angel and more like…a moving target.

Who's Likely to Like This

Fans of Lee Child and Sara Paretsky

“The must-read heroine of mystery…superb”– Ken Bruen

“What makes this series shine is how Charlie’s kickass skills are rooted in her own femininity and character”– Sarah Weinman