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The Blood Whisperer

By Zoë Sharp

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• Fiction/Mystery • 528 pages

ISBN: 978-1-63194-082-8

Nothing stings like betrayal. Kelly Jacks, former London CSI, had a lover’s bond with evidence. The driest, most anti-septic crime scene would spread open for her, yielding its secrets. No wonder the cops called her the Blood Whisperer. And then it all went bad. Framed for an ugly murder, Kelly knew the evidence would clear her… and then it didn’t. After years in prison, Kelly is finally free. Free to take the only job she can get: Cleaning up the crime scenes she used to investigate. Free to trust anyone she finds trustworthy, which would be no one. And free, once again, to wake up next to a dead body and clutching a weapon. Remembering nothing. And certain of only two things: Evidence doesn’t love her anymore, and someone really wants her behind bars.

We have a limited number of copies signed by Zoë Sharp available here. Paperbacks of The Blood Whisperer will be widely available starting in July 2016.

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