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The Case of the Late Pig, by Margery Allingham

The Case of the Late Pig

Albert Campion #9

By Margery Allingham

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• Fiction/Mystery • 224 pages

ISBN: 978-1-934609-14-9

“Pig” Peters made Albert Campion’s life a misery at prep school, and now that he’s dead, Campion is hard-pressed to squeeze out a tear. Still, he does attend the funeral. Not because he much regrets the passing of the Pig, but because he got an intriguingly anonymous invitation and Campion never can resist a mystery.

The mystery deepens significantly six months later, when a friend in the countryside urgently requests Campion’s help. On arrival in Sussex, Campion is presented with a dead body that, in life, most definitely belonged to the late-and-not-much-lamented Pig. So who, exactly, was buried six months earlier? As mourners from the previous funeral turn up—as well as some of Pig’s newer though not-particularly-grieving acquaintances—Campion is even more confused, but he eventually gropes his way to a solution.

Narrated, for the only time, in Campion’s own voice.

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"Albert Campion ranks among fiction's greatest sleuths"—The Spectator