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The Game of Thirty, by William Kotzwinkle

The Game of Thirty

By William Kotzwinkle

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• Fiction/Mystery • 280 pages

ISBN: 978-1-933397-68-9

Streetwise PI Jimmy McShane has seen plenty, but he’s never seen anything like the murder of Tommy Rennseler. A wealthy antiques dealer with a passion for Egyptian artifacts, Rennseler was killed like an ancient Egyptian: injected with cobra venom and ritually disembowelled. When he’s hired by the dead man’s daughter, McShane realizes quickly that he’s never seen anything like Temple Rennseler, either. She’s beautiful, exotic and—perhaps—extremely dangerous. She’s also obsessed with the Game of 30, a centuries-old form of chess that—perhaps—foretells the future. The more enmeshed he gets with Temple, the more McShane succumbs to the lure of the Game. But just what game is Temple playing? And who killed Tommy Rennseler?


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Fans of Raymond Chandler and Don Winslow

“Ranks with the classics of the genre”—Stephen King

“A perfect of the best private-eye novels of the past several years”—Armchair Detective