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The Ottoman Cage, by Barbara Nadel

The Ottoman Cage

Inspector Ikmen #2

By Barbara Nadel

Paperback [ $14.95 ]

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• Fiction/Mystery • 400 pages

ISBN: 978-1-933397-84-9

A beautiful young man has been found dead in one of the city’s neighborhoods. It’s sad, perhaps tragic, but it should also be a simple case: there are signs of drug abuse, rumors of prostitution, and a local family has reported a missing son. Unfortunately, this is Istanbul, where few things are as simple as they appear, and the past has a way of intruding on the present. To unravel the riddle, the brandy-loving Inspector Ikmen will have to grapple not only with the residue of the century-old Armenian genocide, but also with an even older legacy that stretches back to the heyday of the Ottoman Empire.

Originally published in the UK as A Chemical Prison, The Ottoman Cage continues Barbara Nadel’s remarkable series of Istanbul in which the labyrinthine and multicultural city itself, with its layered past, is an ever-present character.

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Fans of Donna Leon and exotic, atmospheric locales

“Even better than Nadel’s extraordinary first novel, 'Belshazzar’s Daughter'"—Evening Standard