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The Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics, by Nury Vittachi

The Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics

Feng Shui Detective #3

By Nury Vittachi

Paperback [ $14.95 ]

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• Fiction/Mystery • 312 pages

ISBN: 978-1-937384-07-4

Feng Shui master C.F. Wong is not what you might call fond of change. The 21st century, with its rush-rush, its chattering technology, it’s (shuddering) fusion-food, that’s all about change. The eternal truths do not change. They do not need cell phones to communicate. Master Wong likes the eternal truths.
And yet it is a contemporary truth that Master Wong has left Singapore for Shanghai. An older city, perhaps it will be calmer? Not so much. Before long a band of crazed vegan terrorists has taken Shanghai hostage. Only Master Wong can save the city, some visiting foreign dignitaries, and—perhaps most important—an extremely rare white elephant, from the destructive passions of the ferocious tofu-eaters. Yet another very funny entry in the Feng Shui detective series by Nury Vittachi, once again using culture clash as a source of humor, and slyly poking fun at both East and West.

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