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The Triumph of Bacchus, by Douglas Skeggs

The Triumph of Bacchus

By Douglas Skeggs

Paperback [ $14.95 ]

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• Fiction/Mystery • 400 pages

ISBN: 978-1-933397-99-3

Everyone in town is lining up to see Titian’s masterpiece, The Triumph of Bacchus, on loan for a limited time to London’s Royal Academy. But while most of the art-lovers have nothing more than aesthetics on their minds, a few in the crowd have other agendas. And when the painting is stolen—returnable in exchange for five million pounds’ worth of uncut diamonds — at least one of those agendas becomes clear. Others, however, remain murky. Take Tom Shaughnessy — shameless cad, ladies’ man, and expert forger of paintings: for whom and for what purpose is he making that exquisite copy?

Douglas Skeggs is an artist and lecturer on art, and his depth of knowledge about the trade in stolen paintings — and about the techniques used to fake them — makes The Triumph of Bacchus irresistible to both lovers of art and lovers of art-mysteries.

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