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Buy Gift Certificates

Purchasing a gift certificate is easy. Start by filling out the “Personalization” info in the form below. This tells us how you’d like your name to appear on the gift certificate, and how you’d like the recipient’s name to appear as well. Click “Send Personalization for Gift,” and the Felonious Elves will get the information.

Next we need to know how much you’d like to spend. Our gift certificates are available in two flavors: $50 and $100, and you can add either (or both!) to your “stack.” You’d like to give a gift worth more than $150? Not a problem: At checkout you will have the opportunity to change the number of gifts in the order. An order of four $50 gifts, for example, translates into a single $200 gift certificate. Our elves will do the math and put the full amount into a single certificate for your lucky giftee.

And remember, there’s a gift for you here as well: Through the end of the year all gift certificates are on sale for 10% off!

Thanks you for giving the gift of Mayhem!


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 10% OFF! $50 gift certificate for $45!
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