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Singing in the Shrouds printing error

It has come to our attention that the paperback edition of Ngaio Marsh’s Singing in the Shrouds contains a serious printing error: namely, toward the end of the book, pages from Death of a Fool, another Ngaio Marsh title, replace pages from Singing in the Shrouds. We are very sorry for this error, which occurred during the printing of the book (a press error caused by using the wrong plates during printing) and which our printer assures us they have never had before. When we heard from irate readers with defective copies, we combed through our existing inventory, opening every single copy of the book, and found 261 misprinted copies. We destroyed all of these copies, and everything that has left our warehouse since January has been error-free. Unfortunately, an unknown number of erroneous copies were shipped to book sellers, and then sold, and we have no way to identify these copies and recall them (though we did indeed try to find one). So instead, by way of apology, we are offering every one of you who has purchased a misprinted copy of Singing in the Shrouds a replacement copy of that book (verified by an actual human as correctly printed) shipped to you at no charge, as well as a free copy of a Felony & Mayhem book of your choice. Email us at to get started.


Happy Holidays! And a Little Song

Even the Felonious need a little me-time with their stuffing and pie, so there will be no Thursday quiz this week. As far as we’re concerned, you’re all mystery mavens: That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

But it wouldn’t be a holiday without a few fireworks, so we’ll be making a nifty announcement on Thanksgiving: Watch this space.

In the meantime, we are working on a Felony & Mayhem playlist – a musical medley that will, we hope, reflect our literary line-up. Thanksgiving is the most family-oriented of holidays, so in a curtsey to that Norman Rockwell tradition, we offer the following tune, by Tom Lehrer, top of our hit parade. Think of it as No. 1…with a bullet.