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A Dark Dividing, by Sarah Rayne

October 28, 2013

Felony of the Week: A Dark Dividing

“We can’t possibly publish this,” I said. “It’s….I mean, we don’t publish horror, and this….the author used to write horror, and you can tell. There’s this one scene with an eyeball….”

“So why are you telling me about it?” asked Julia, as always much more pragmatic than I.

I took a deep breath. “Because it’s incredibly well written. And I can’t put it down.” So I gave Julia a copy of A Dark Dividing, and three days later she called me back.

“I think we have to publish this,” she said. Why? “Because it’s incredibly well written. And I can’t put it down.”

A Dark Dividing has gone on to become one of our most successful titles (the eerily gorgeous cover, designed by Brazilian illustrator Eduardo Recife, didn’t hurt), and it taught me an important lesson: Our readers crave good writing, and beyond that they are happy to embrace a much bigger basket of fictional styles than I had initially imagined. What a silly snob I was! And how glad I am to have left that behind, if for no other reason than so I can lose myself in Sarah Rayne’s gorgeously spooky reads with all the pleasure they command.

In truth, they’re all pretty wonderful, but let’s start where it started for us: A Dark Dividing, this week at 25% off.

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