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The Lover, by Laura Wilson

June 10, 2014

Felony of the Week: The Lover, by Laura Wilson

The Felonious theme of the moment is historicals, and in looking at our list for a historical mystery to feature, Laura Wilson’s stunning The Lover was an obvious choice. Historicals are too often thought of as women’s fiction (and women’s fiction is way too often thought of as second-rate), but The Lover puts the lie to both of those dumb assumptions. To begin with, like Wilson’s “Inspector Stratton” series, it’s based on true events (“ripped from the headlines,” as the marketing boffins say) – events that, in this case, took place during the London Blitz. And the events concern a serial-killer, putting The Lover about as far from Cozy-land as it’s possible for a book to get. Finally, the sheer quality of Wilson’s writing puts her books firmly in first-rate territory; she’s particularly deft at balancing the pace and chills of a thriller with nuanced characters. If you’re like us, you’ll read The Lover and get hooked; the good news is that we publish three of Wilson’s books, and will be coming out in the fall with a fourth – the really splendid A Capital Crime, which we are retitling The Wrong Man. More good news? The Lover is on sale, 25% off this week on both paperbacks and ebooks. Any pusher will tell you, always give a discount on the first order; they’ll come back for more.

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