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October 18, 2013

Illustrator Spotlight: Eduardo Recife

In about a month or so we’ll be bringing out Maggie Joel’s The Past and Other Lies; chronologically, this is Joel’s first novel, but it will be her second published in the United States (we published her second, The Second-Last Woman in England, last year). Maggie Joel is a British-born Australian writer; the artist who has illustrated the covers of her American editions, Eduardo Recife, is Brazilian. It’s the sort of intercontinental connection that makes us happy. And since we’ve been looking at this beautiful cover, we thought we’d show you our other Eduardo Recife covers. Eduardo designs the whole cover, down to the fonts. Maggie came across his work in the New York Times, and thought his style would be perfect for mystery covers, and what do you know, she was right!

You can learn more about Eduardo’s work at his eponymous website, and at Misprinted Type.



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