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Herrings on the Nile, by L.C. Tyler

Denver Post: L.C. Tyler’s Herring on the Nile “seriously funny”

A review of LC Tyler’s Herring on the Nile by Tom Schantz of the The Denver Post:

“The antihero of LC Tyler’s four-book Edgar-nominated series puts pen to paper only when the bill collectors gather. …. But bills must be paid, so he hits upon the idea of taking a cruise down the Nile to spark his less-than-fertile imagination. After all, it worked for Agatha Christie. Once again Elsie, his faithful agent, accompanies him and it doesn’t take long before Ethelred (the most unready of all writers) finds himself dealing with a very real murder. It’s an affectionate send-up of the genre by a writer who, unlike Ethelred, is adept at turning a phrase and planting a clue. It may not be a serious mystery but it is seriously funny.”

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