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June 19, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Art Mysteries

We opened the week with the gorgeous The Triumph of Bacchus, so it seems appropriate to keep an art-theme going: How well do you know your art mysteries?

    1. After writing (the somewhat snoozy-sounding) The Discovery of Painting: The Growth of Interest in the Arts in England 1680-1768, this author turned to fiction with his series featuring art-historian Jonathan Argyll. Name him.
    2. The Cavalier in White is the first in the series featuring art-security expert Joanna Stark, but the author is better known for her series (30 novels and counting!) about this San Francisco private-eye.
    3. This F&M favorite features a fold-out of the painting that was specially commissioned for the cover of the original edition, allowing readers to “play along at home” as the protagonists follow clues in the painting to find a lost monastic treasure. What’s the book?
    4. Several of this Canadian writer’s books are conceived as trilogies, and What’s Bred in the Bone is no exception: Half character-study (about an art-expert’s fascination with the iconography of medieval paintings) and half thriller (as the expert attempts to defraud the Nazis), the book forms the centerpiece of the “Cornish Trilogy.” Who’s the author?
    5. Aaron Elkins is best known for his award-winning series featuring forensic-anthropologist Gideon Oliver, but he also writes about museum curator Chris Norgren, an expert in Renaissance art. What’s the first novel in the Norgren series?
    6. Gabriel Allon, protagonist of a series of books by bestselling novelist Daniel Silva, is living a quiet life restoring classical works of art that have been ravaged by time. But he has what you might call another vocation. What is it?

Last week’s quiz, now with an answer!



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