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June 12, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Historical Mysteries

This week, we’re all about the Way Back Machine. How well do you know your historical mysteries?

1. Peter Tremayne’s “Sister Fidelma” series revolves around a nun in medieval

    A. Spain

    B. Ireland

    C. Sweden

2. Katherine Neville’s justifiably popular The Eight moves back and forward in time, hopping between 18th-century France and New York and the Middle East in the 1970s. At one point, a leading character in the story is mistaken for which icon of the French Revolution:

    A. Danton

    B. Corday

    C. Marat

3. In Robert Barnard’s lovely Out of the Blackout, the young British protagonist discovers an uncomfortable family connection to

    A. The British Union of Fascists

    B. The Cambridge Spies

    C. The Profumo Affair

4. Connie Willis is often classified as a science-fiction writer, but her books are so suspenseful that we think they rate a “mystery” moniker. In Doomsday Book, a time-travel glitch leaves Kivrin Engle stranded in the middle of which bit of historical hideousness:

    A. The Inquisition

    B. The Siege of Leningrad

    C. The Black Death

5. A (real-life) magistrate and official in the Chinese imperial court, this Tang-dynasty crime-solver was introduced to Western readers by Robert van Gulik, a Dutch scholar and Orientalist (and friend of the gibbon). Name the sleuth

    A. Di Renjie

    B. Judge Dee

    C. Huaiying

6. The “LA Quartet,” by James Ellroy, is a group of books set in Los Angeles in the 1940s and ‘50s. Which of the following is NOT among them?

    A. The Big Nowhere

    B. White Jazz

    C. Brown’s Requiem

    D. Green for Danger

    E. The Black Dahlia



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