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December 16, 2013

And the Sale Goes On…

“The senile, homicidal bloodhound, Mr. Merrythought, is a masterpiece of canine creation.”

How can you resist a review like that (from the Spectator, 1948)? Or, for that matter, a face like Mr. Crispin’s? He may not have been particularly merry of thought, but he was blissfully, gorgeously clever, and nowhere is cleverness on better display than in Love Lies Bleeding, #5 in the “Gervase Fen” series, and – for today only – selling at a swell discount.

And, to further brighten your Monday, we’re also offering a deep discount on an Albert Campion title, The Case of the Late Pig, which has the distinction of being the only book in the series narrated in the first person by Campion himself.



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