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Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Dutchess, by Simon Brett

Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess: “Wonderfully Ludicrous”

City Book Review writes of the second book in Simon Brett’s Blotto and Twinks series:

“Back in the 1920s, a number of British authors produced series characters like Bulldog Drummond — heroic upper class types who, when not downing a tipple or two at the Ritz, toured the country fighting crime. Simon Brett takes this stereotype and mercilessly reduces it to absurdity. Blotto is like Bertie Wooster on steroids such that he emerges from his cocoon of incompetence and becomes the equivalent of Clint Barton, except this Hawkeye uses a cricket bat instead of a bow. Twinks is a female version of Jacques Futrelle’s Thinking Machine — no fact is unknown, no clue escapes her attention. Put this team together and they confront a conspiracy to murder all the British nobility while they slumber in the House of Lords. It’s all wonderfully ludicrous.”

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Roberta Alexander of the Oakland Tribune agrees:

“It’s easy to make fun of the traditional British mystery of the 1920s, featuring assorted aristocrats in the drawing room at a country estate. It is not so easy to do that while simultaneously creating a story a person today actually wants to read. Brett has done that. Blotto and Twinks, a brother-sister pair, are both caricatures and characters.”

The Oakland Tribune, April 1, 2012

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