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May 2, 2014

Bonus Quiz: Agatha

This week is traditionally one of the giddiest in the world of mystery fiction: Last night was the “Edgars” banquet (congratulations to all the winners and nominees!). Today is the kickoff for the Malice Domestic convention, held every year in Bethesda, MD, and dedicated to celebrating the “cozy” side of mysteries; at the banquet that traditionally closes the Malice festivities the “Agatha” awards are handed out for the year’s best cozy mysteries, as determined by the fans and readers who attend the conference.

With all that in mind, seems like a couple of quizzes – call’em Edgar and Agatha – are called for. How well do you know the Giants of the Genre?

    1. Agatha Christie stands astride the world of mystery fiction as a Colossus. All of the following statements about her work are true, except for one:

      A. Her work has been translated into more than 100 languages

      B. The only works that have been more widely published are Shakespeare’s and the Bible.

      C. In 2013, the members of the UK’s Crime Writers Association named And Then There Were None the best mystery novel of all time.

      D. Christie’s bestselling novel has sold more than 200 million copies

    2. Christie is most widely associated with the 1920s and 30s, but in fact she lived to see

      A. Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution

      B. Disco

      C. The first cell-phones

      D. All of the above

    3. In 2010, in recognition of the 120th anniversary of Christie’s birth, a second “Agatha” award was created. This one honors works written in

      A. Dutch

      B. Japanese

      C. French

      D. Klingon

    4. Christie would say, in later years, that the end of her childhood was marked by

      A. The death of her beloved pony

      B. A financial crisis that forced her family to move in with relatives in Yorkshire

      C. Her father’s death after a series of heart attacks

      D. The death of her brother in the Boer War

    5. Christie had great difficulty finding a publisher for her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styes. Eventually The Bodley Head agreed to publish it, but only on condition that she

      A. Change the ending

      B. Remove the suggestion that one of the female characters lived with her lover before marrying him

      C. Make Hercule Poirot Belgian rather than Viennese



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