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The Blackheath Poisonings

Julian Symons

The Blackheath Poisonings

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Wealth can have its drawbacks. Case in point: The Collard and Vandervent families, who for decades have shared a large estate in the London suburb of Blackheath. It’s now the 1890s, and over the years, the families’ entanglement has grown into a toxic web of lies and bitterness. While Mama keeps an iron grasp on the purse-strings, a son raises corruption to an art form, and an ethereal daughter-in-law casts come-hither glances at anything in pants. She casts them frequently at young Paul Vandervent, who responds with fevered love poems. And when one member after another of the extended clan falls victim to “gastric misadventure”—and his beloved falls under suspicion—Paul resolves to clear her name and solve “the extraordinary series of crimes popularly called The Blackheath Poisonings.” The Blackheath Poisonings was one of Julian Symons's trilogy of Victorian novels; it was originally published in 1978 and has been televised in the UK.

"A bravura performance and an elegant example of the classic British mystery at its best"—Newsweek

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Anne Perry

2005 • Fiction/Mystery • 316 pages • ISBN: 9781933397160

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