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The Felonious Categories

British (52)

Set in or around the UK, these feature the highly literate, often witty prose that fans of British mysteries demand.

Espionage (8)

Spies, spooks and conspiracy theories, from World War I to the present.

Foreign (34)

Intricately observed, richly atmospheric settings anywhere in the world outside of England and the U.S.A.

Hard Boiled (16)

Mean streets and meaner bad guys, with a cop or a PI usually carrying the story and landing a few punches besides.

Historical (21)

From the Ancient World to the 1940s, and everything in between.

Traditional (12)

Classy cozies with little gunplay or gore, but often a fair amount of humor and—always—an intrepid amateur sleuth.

Vintage (83)

Originally published prior to about 1965, these promise the kind of twisty, ingenious puzzles beloved by fans of Agatha Christie.

Wild Card (10)

We can’t promise these will press particular buttons, but we do guarantee they will be unusual, well written, and worth a reader’s time.