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Dangerous Davies, The Last Detective, by Leslie Thomas

May 27, 2014

Felony of the Week: Dangerous Davies, by Leslie Thomas

It’s with real sadness that we note the death, earlier this month, of Leslie Thomas, who wrote more than 30 books, including Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective, which we are privileged to publish.

The best tribute we can offer is an appealing price on his book, in the hope that yet more readers will have the chance to enjoy his work. But while respect for the dead is all very well, there are plenty of jollier reasons to read about Dange – an ironic nickname given to this mildest of bobbies by squad-mates rather more given to the “Thump first, ask questions after” school of policing. And why the “last” detective? Because, says one of his superiors, he’s the last bloody detective you’d want to send out on a case.

The thumpers would certainly agree, but nevertheless, Dange usually gets the job done – and gets some laughs besides. With his dog, his oddball buddies, and his much-missed ex-wife, Dange is less Dalziel than a rather melancholy Peter Pascoe, but he still offers up an awfully good time. If you like British coppers with some chuckles on the side, Dangerous Davies is up you street. And this week, he’s going cheap.



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