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October 22, 2014

Getting the Cover Right: In the Spider’s House

Sometimes a cover comes together in a snap: A concept emerges right away, or you find just the right image, or you are working with someone like Eduardo Recife, who can come up with the perfect yet unexpected cover on the spot.

And then other times, as was the case with the cover for Sarah Diamond’s In the Spider’s House (due out next year) it’s endless iterations where nothing seems quite right.

We started here, with variations on the original British edition:

Then we came up with the idea of having the protagonist look in the mirror and see the child whose story she is becoming obsessed with.


Unsatisfied, we veered in a completely different direction:


And even went sort of horror:


From this latest version we ended up preserving the spidery font, which is in fact an Eduardo Recife designed font called “disgusting behavior” (love that name!).

But we still wanted the cover to convey something of the doubling of writer and research subject, the sense of increasing identification between the two, and so we kept coming back to the mirror and the little girl reflected there. Somewhere in the process we came back to the idea of a split cover, with the lower and upper halves (above and below the author band) being different images, and the lower image stuck, but we were still not happy with the upper image.

And then we realized we had to make the little girl a little less angelic, to depart from the physical description provided in the novel. And there we were.


What do you think?



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