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December 10, 2014


The holidays sneak up every year, don’t they? And every year—if you’re anything like me—you wind up scrambling for The Right Gift. In fact, fairly often, that’s Gifts, plural. Books, of course, make terrific presents; they’re easy to wrap, and relatively gently priced, so they work well as stocking-stuffers or gifts for those holidays, like Chanukah, where tradition points toward multiple presents. And if you’ve got a passionate reader on your list, what could be better than packaging up a few books into one blissful gift, with the promise of hours of great reading.

But…which books? The best readers can actually be the trickiest to buy for, because that passion goes hand in hand with pickiness. To help make things easier, we’ve got lists of suggestions below, for just about anyone who might be on your list. And as a present for you—and who deserves it more?—there’s a 25% discount on all our recommended holiday sale titles, including some highly collectible hardcovers!

And if you’re really trying to find something for Picky McPickerson, we’ve got that covered, too: Everybody loves a gift certificate.

Perfect for Your Grandmother, Who Loves a Good Puzzle (and doesn’t love much sex or violence)    …Find out more

Bertie and the Seven Bodies, by Peter Lovesey
The Poisonerd Chocolates Case, by Anthony Berkeley
The Weird World of Wes Beatie, by John Norman Harris
Landscape of Lies, by Peter Watson
Evidence of Things Seen, by Elizabeth Daly

Ideal for Your Sis, Who’s Got Travelers’ Dust in Her Shoes
…Find out more

Belshazzar's Daughter, by Barbara Nadel
The Faces of Angels, by Lucretia Grindle
Missing, by Karin Alvtegen
The Rainaldi Quartet, by Paul Adam
The Feng Shui Detective, by Nury Vittachi

Your Dad Loves His Spooks and Spies? These Will Make Him Smile (and we guarantee he hasn’t read them)    …Find out more

The Cambridge Theorem, by Tony Cape
Paper Chase, by Bob Cook
The Romeo Flag, by Carolyn Hougan
The Spy's Wife, by Reginald Hill
Soviet Sources, by Robert Cullen

Guilty Pleasures for Your Cousin the History Buff …Find out more

The Library Paradox, by Catherine Shaw
Unnatural Fires, by Fidelis Morgan
The Peking Man is Missing, by Claire Taschdjian
Whom the Gods Love, by Kate Ross
The Skeleton in the Grass, by Robert Barnard

Great Bets for Your Brother the Action Junkie With a Brain
…Find out more

Fat Chance, by Charlie Sheldon
The Game of Thirty, by William Kotzwinkle
The Bad News Bible, by Anna Blundy
Season of the Monsoon, by Paul Mann
Who Guards a Prince, by Reginald Hill

Delights for Your Mom, Who Has Read Everything    …Find out more

The Accomplice, by Elizabeth Ironside
By Frequent Anguish, by S.F.X. Dean
The Truth About Unicorns, by Bonnie Jones Reynolds
Ghost Song, by Sarah Rayne
The Marx Sisters, by Barry Maitland

To Please/Irritate Your Sister’s Boyfriend, the Literary Snob
…Find out more

Death in the Garden, by Elizabeth Ironside
Hide My Eyes, by Margary Allingham
King and Joker, by Peter Dickinson
The Suspect, by L.R. Wright

Perfect for the Collector in Your Life …Find out more

The Accomplice, by Elizabeth Ironside
Missing, by Karin Alvtegen


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