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Inspector Singh Investigates a Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder, by Shamini Flint

Inspector Singh Review: Crackling Plot and Intriguing Settings

Reviews of Shamini Flint’s Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder, and A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul in Stephen Hong Sohn’s Asian American Literature Fans.

“The texture of Flint’s narrative is tremendous, as she weaves together a crackling plot and adds other dimensions that speak to the complicated transnational social contexts that link both Singapore and Malaysia.”

And further:

“Like Flint’s first novel, A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul combines the best in genre fiction with a strong political and social texture. Here, Flint explores the religious tensions that have mired Indonesia, which possesses a large Muslim population. Bali is one of the few locations in Indonesia with a very strong Hindu community, so religious tension that opens up the novel is obviously positioned within this background. Another wonderfully engaging mystery from Flint. I can’t wait for the next installment to be published stateside.”

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