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March 11, 2015

Left Coast Crime Video Interviews, Part 1

It took us a year to put up these videos, but here finally is a compilation of the interviews we recorded at the 2014 Left Coast Crime mystery convention in Monterey, CA. We asked attendees three questions:

    “What got you hooked on mystery fiction?”
    “What annoys you in a mystery novel?”
    “If you were ever in trouble, which fictional detective would you call?”

We edited your answers into three short videos, each featuring 4-5 participants’ answers. Below is the first one of these, with the other two to follow Thursday and Friday. We shot these in black and white by happy accident then, pleased with the look, decided we were going to think of it as an homage to classic film noir. We talked to quite a few more people, but for various technical reasons we couldn’t include everyone’s answers. To everyone who talked to us: Thank you so much! To everyone going to Portland this week for Left Coast Crime 2015: We will be there with a camera!



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