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December 5, 2013

Are You a Mystery Maven? Peter Dickinson

This week we’re all about The Past and Other Lies, a stunning new mystery with a plot that centers around England’s General Strike of 1926. That made us think, suddenly, about another mystery that revolves around the Strike: A Summer in the Twenties, by the astonishing Peter Dickinson. We don’t currently publish that title, but we do offer several of his other books. How well do you know his work?

A.  In King and Joker, at what meal do we first make the acquaintance of the teenage Princess Louise and the rest of the Royal Family?

  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch
  3. Tea

B.  The children in Sleep and His Brother all suffer from a rare disease called Cathypnia. Cathypnics

  1.  Have unusually cold hands
  2.  Tend to be telepathic
  3.  Die young
  4.  All of the above
  5.  None of the above

C.  In The Old English Peep Show, a policeman has been sent to investigate the mysterious death of a “servant” at England’s answer to Colonial Williamsburg. The policeman, so mild-mannered that he tends to fade into the wallpaper, is Dickinson’s only series character. His name is

  1. Derek Morrison
  2. Jimmy Pibble
  3. Stanley Wilkes


And the answer to our last quiz is: Caroline Graham



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