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October 31, 2013

Are You a Mystery Maven? Week 3: Buildings

New quiz! Please answer in the comments:

Happy Halloween! Architecture sets the stage for many chilling tales and figures prominently in a number of horror and mystery stories. All of these buildings are home to terrifying secrets, stories—whispers, rumors—so dreadful that the very walls and floorboards have been soaked in malevolence. Can you match the author with the right evil edifice?

The Buildings:

1. Mortmain House

2. Hill House

3. The Bramford

4. Bly

5. The Strada Cetatii State Orphanage

The Authors

A. Shirley Jackson

B. Henry James

C. Dan Simmons

D. Sarah Rayne

E. Ira Levin

Last week’s quiz (now with an answer!)



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