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Death of a Dormouse, by Reginald Hill

Reginald Hill

Death of a Dormouse

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Trudi Adamson has lived her life in fear—of strangers, of asking questions, of angering her husband, of leaving the house. When her husband dies in a car accident, she retreats even further into her cocoon of ignorance and incuriosity, heightening the mystery surrounding her future. But staying there isn’t an option; her husband apparently died broke, and Trudi’s best hope lies in suing the company responsible for his death. And that means asking what her husband was doing on a remote stretch of Yorkshire road. Even the painful knowledge that a woman was involved only leads to larger, more baffling questions. Who was Eric Blair, and why did Trent Adamson have his credit cards? Why had Trent suddenly quit his job? The mysteries mount as the novel unfolds. By the time Trudi’s done unraveling the truth, her cozy refuge will be in ruins, but the quivering dormouse, too, will be history.

"Splendidly intricate and involving, done with panache and wit"—Times of London

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Ruth Rendell and Reginald Hill's The Spy's Wife

2006 • Fiction/Mystery • 336 pages • ISBN: 9781933397603

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