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First Drop, by Zoë Sharp

Zoë Sharp

First Drop

Charlie Fox #4

$ 9.99

You know what the first drop is. It’s that moment when your roller-coaster trolley teeters, tips, and starts racing for the bottom. A scream rips the air, and you’re the one who’s screaming. To paraphrase Charlie Fox: Welcome to my ride. It should have been an easy one. After Special Forces training and a wee sojourn at a school for would-be killers, Charlie has a plush assignment: Baking her chilly British bones in the Florida sunshine minding a mogul’s kid. But then the mogul-daddy disappears, Charlie’s boyfriend/boss goes on radio silence, and suddenly she’s up there all alone, the wind whipping as she stares into the drop, a scream rising from her chest, and all of it in a country where you can’t get a decent beer.

"Stunning"—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"The fist-clenching tension never lets up."—Chicago Tribune

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Lee Child and Sara Paretski

2016 • Fiction/Mystery • 408 pages • ISBN: 9781631940774

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