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Who Guards a Prince, by Reginald Hill

Reginald Hill

Who Guards a Prince

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Who would sever a tongue from a living mouth? Or kill a pathetic, homeless old man? Or frighten a young doctor into silence? The questions are piling up, and Doug McHarg can’t stop asking them, even—especially—when he’s warned off his inquiries by his boss in the local police force, by Scotland Yard, and by increasingly professional death-threats. The pattern that emerges is of a shadowy, immensely powerful organization, with a reach that extends to the White House and the English throne. And all that stands against them is the implacable McHarg—one discontented copper with little left to lose. The Philadelphia Inquirer called Who Guards a Prince “a good old-fashioned thriller,” but in truth, that doesn’t begin to describe the ride.

"The characters are a treat and the storytelling is delivered with charm and irony"—Kirkus

"An exciting page turner ... literate and clever"—Library Journal

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Daniel Silva and Joseph Kanon

2005 • Fiction/Mystery • 354 pages • ISBN: 978-1-933397-02-3

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