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The Feng Shui Detective Goes West, by Nury Vittachi

Shelf Awareness starred review of The Feng Shui Detective Goes West

A review of Nury Vittachi’s The Feng Shui Detective Goes West, by Shelf Awareness:

Let Nury Vittachi give you a head start on chasing the holiday blues away with a hilarious mystery starring a feng shui master and his party girl assistant (first introduced to American readers in The Feng Shui Detective).

Geomancer C.F. Wong of Singapore needs money, and he needs it now. Because of an office-supply deal gone wrong, he owes a large sum to the Chinese mafia. Fortune favors him when the British royal family asks for a feng shui makeover of their state-of-the-art Skyparc passenger plane, and Joyce McQuinnie, Wong’s assistant, is thrilled at the possibility of meeting a real royal–preferably an available prince. The plum job gets complicated, however, when Joyce’s friend Paul is accused of murdering a top oil executive on board the Skyparc. Joyce is determined to prove Paul’s innocence, but if he’s not guilty, why has he taken a vow of silence? Who is the real killer? And what is the Queen of England’s last name?

The East-meets-West plot component fuels much of the story’s humor, with wonderful results. Shrewd, curmudgeonly Wong considers Westerners ridiculous and confusing, and isn’t shy about telling them so, committing gaffes of his own in the process. Joyce acts as the sleuth for most of the book, her dedication to Paul conflicting with Wong’s need for a quick buck until a third party pays Wong to investigate the murder. Though the answer to the mystery is a bit over-the-top, it is in keeping with the quirky plot and Vittachi’s breezy writing, and the resolution will leave readers laughing and satisfied.

Reviewed by Jaclyn Fulwood for Shelf Awareness

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