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March 20, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Dramatic Mayhem

We’re very much in the grip of Marsh Madness here at Felonious HQ, as we bring out the entire Inspector Alleyn series in e-book format (and continue to publish the titles in paperback as well). Marsh made a good – and by all accounts very happy – living as a novelist, but the theater was her first love, so by way of tribute, this week’s quiz: How Well Do You Know Dramatic Mayhem (with extra credit for tidbits from Maggie’s personal life)?

    1. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe starred in a recent revival of this 1973 play about a boy who blinds six horses. What’s the play? (Bonus factoid: It was written in Maggie’s mom’s apartment)
    2. The brother of the playwright referenced in Question 1 was himself no slouch when it came to mystery on stage. He was perhaps best known for Sleuth – like the play in Question 1, a Tony Award-winner – but film buffs also know him as having written the screenplay for oddball cult favorite The Wicker Man. Name the pair of literary brothers.
    3. Sleuth has a very small cast, with the action revolving around a sadistic, middle-aged writer and his wife’s young lover. It has been filmed twice (well, three times if you count the peculiar Pakistani adaptation). Name the actor who starred in both versions.
    4. The actor from Question 3 also starred in the film of this comedy-thriller by Ira Levin (perhaps best known as the author of Rosemary’s Baby). As a play, it did NOT win the Tony (though it was nominated), but it did win Levin his second Edgar Award. Maggie would love to see a revival, if only because she’s now old enough to play the nutball psychic who, uh, sees dead people. What’s the play?
    5. You didn’t know Maggie had been in Show Business? Oh my, yes. Her first job involved repeatedly removing this actor’s shirt (she was his dresser) when he played Sherlock Holmes at the Williamstown Theater Festival. This is a scene she enjoys replaying in her mind. The actor later went on to prompt all kinds of feminine fantasies when he starred on Broadway as Dracula. He’s still working and he’s still a major hunk. Who is he?
    6. When Maggie lived in London, her office window overlooked the marquis of the play No Sex Please, We’re British. But right around the corner was the theater showing this play, which opened on the West End in 1952…and is still running, making it far and away the longest-running play in theater-history. (For the snobs among us – and Maggie used to be one – it’s also pretty darn good.) Name the play. For extra credit, name the playwright, who had confidently expected an eight-month run.


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