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May 8, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Espionage & Betrayal

This week is all about Epionage and Betrayal at Felonious HQ. How well do you know your traditional treachery?

    1. “Topkapi” was a terrifically successful heist-flick made in 1964, and starring Melina Mercouri, Maximillian Schell, Peter Ustinov, and Robert Morley. It was based on the novel The Light of Day by this British writer, who achieved particular success for his espionage fiction.

    2. This 1903 thriller about a pair of weekend sailors who discover a German plot to invade England was essentially a cautionary novel: The author saw a threat in the strength of Imperial Germany, and wanted to inspire a move toward Britain’s military preparedness. The book was in fact enormously influential: Winston Churchill later credited it for prompting Britain to develop new naval bases. Name the book.
    3. This classic introduced action-hero Richard Hannay (who would go on to appear in a further four adventures), and is set in 1914, with England on the brink of war and spies oozing from the woodwork. It’s been filmed at least four times (perhaps most notably by Hitchcock, in 1935), and in 2008 it came to Broadway as a fabulously funny melodrama for four actors. What’s the book?
    4. We kicked off Betrayal Week by talking in part about The Threepenny Opera. Austrian performer Lotte Lenya won a Tony award for her role as the faithless Jenny in the original off-Broadway production, and some years later she co-starred with Sean Connery in this classic Bond thriller. She would later tell interviewers that, thanks to her turn as the villainous Rosa Klebb, the first thing people did when they met her was look at her shoes. Name the movie.
    5. This World War I-era tale – an essential component, we’d claim, of any true booklover’s library – features an excitable, ginger-haired Brooklyn bookseller, a German spy, a plot to kidnap a young lovely, and a disappearing copy of The Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell. Name this sequel to Parnassus on Wheels.

Last week we gave you two quizzes; here are the answers to the Edgar, and to the Agatha.



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