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January 23, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Funny Mysteries

Do you know your funny mysteries? Prove it!

    In The Hot Rock, by Donald Westlake, Murch lives with his mother. What do they like to listen to?

    Sharyn McCrumb’s Edgar-winning Bimbos of the Death Sun takes place at what kind of convention?

    “Edmund Crispin” was the pseudonym for composer Bruce Montgomery. For what successful series of lowbrow English movies was he somewhat embarrassed to have written the scores?
    Bernie Rhodenbarr, hero of Lawrence Block’s “The Burglar Who…” series, owns a second-hand bookshop and supplements his income with the occasional spot of larceny. What does his best friend do for a living?
    In Unorthodox Practices, by Marissa Peisman, the heroine becomes suspicious when she realizes that certain apartments in her mother’s building are oddly free of what?

Last week’s quiz, now with an answer!



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