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January 30, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Are You Hep to the Jive?

We’re still happily in the 1920s, with the fabulous Blotto and Twinks. We’d love to have you join us…but can you speak the lingo? Are you hep to the jive?

    1. A Blind Pig is

      A) A visually challenged barnyard animal

      B) A second-rate tailor

      C) A speakeasy

    2. A Dead Soldier is

      A) A half-smoked cigarette

      B) An empty bottle of booze

      C) A young man who failed to come home from the Great War

    3. Indian Hop is

      A) A popular dance

      B) Reefer

      C) Homemade hooch

    4. Horsefeathers are

      A) Nonsense

      B) Applesauce

      C) Baloney

      D) All of the above

      E) None of the above

    5. If you are Hitting On All Sixes, you are

      A) Utterly spifflicated

      B) Dead broke

      C) Goofy in love

      D) Operating, brother, at peak capacity

    6. Gabriels are

      A) The running-boards on a Hispano-Suiza

      B) Trumpet-players

      C) Extra-wide lapels

Answers to last week’s quiz (in the comments)



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