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April 16, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Jewish Mysteries

It’s Jewish Week at Felony HQ, in honor of Passover, so this week’s quiz is all about Jewish mysteries and Jewish mystery writers. Enjoy, dolling! But would it kill you to brush your hair?

    1. This author writes “like a Jewish Damon Runyon,” says one review, despite his spectacularly WASPy-sounding name. Best known for the “Moe Praeger” series (read, in audio-format, by Maggie’s old roommate Andy Caploe!), he’s also written three other series, as well as several stand-alone novels, and has recently been tapped to continue the “Jesse Stone” series originated by the late Robert B. Parker. What’s his name?

    2. Sharon Kahn’s series that began with Fax Me a Bagel (and went on to Don’t Cry For Me, Hot Pastrami) features Ruby the Rebbetzin. Those who don’t speak Yiddish (or Hebrew) might better understand Ruby to be….what?
    3. Married to the writer Ayelet Waldman, this Pulitzer-winner won the Hugo and Nebula (among other) awards for The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, a detective story with an “alternate history” setting. What’s his name?
    4. Set in 18th-century London, this Edgar-winning novel is the first in a series featuring Benjamin Weaver, a Jewish onetime boxer who fought under the name “The Lion of Judah.” Now working as a freelance sleuth, Weaver uncovers systemic corruption in the rivalry between the Bank of England and the South Sea Company. Name the book.
    5. Along with Sue Grafton and Marsha Muller, this writer helped usher in the Tough Chick school of mystery fiction. Thirty-odd years later her Chicago-based protagonist is still going strong, and the more recent books have strong Jewish themes. Who’s the writer and, for extra credit, who’s the Nobel-winning Jewish writer with whom the series protagonist very nearly shares her name?

Last week’s quiz, now with an answer!



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