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February 13, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Massachusetts Mysteries

Boston may not be the Hub of the Universe (as an old friend – who lives there – insists), but it has produced some pretty righteous mysteries. Right now we’re featuring the “Valentine and Lovelace” series, set in Beantown’s 1980s gay community, but we’re open-minded: We’ll go all the way to Woods Hole for a really swell book. So how well do you know your Massachusetts mysteries?

    1. I cut my mystery-reading teeth on Robert B. Parker’s “Spenser” novels, read the entire series, and watched occasional episodes of “Spenser for Hire” on TV. I know I’m not alone. So all you Spenser-fans out there: What’s his first name?
    2. Boston Latin: It’s not just a school, it’s a fair description of the blood-stained word that sets off the action in Tess Gerritsen’s The Mephisto Club. What’s the word?
    3. In both a made-for-TV movie and a later TV series, Art Carney played Police Chief Lanigan in adaptations of a long-running series set in the fictional town of Barnard’s Crossing, MA. But though we love Mr. Carney, Lanigan was not the series protagonist. Who was?
    4. Dennis Lehane won a Shamus Award for his first, Boston-based novel, A Drink Before the War. What war are we talking about?
    5. Jane Langton has been much lauded for her children’s books, but mystery fans know her best as the author of the (also much lauded) “Homer Kelly” series, set in and around Concord, MA. As made clear in the series’ debut, The Transcendental Murder, Kelly is an expert in homicide and also in the work of which 19th-century writer?
    6. As the “Valentine and Lovelace” series opens, the divinely diva-esque Clarissa Lovelace is in something of a professional swamp, but before too long she takes herself off to one of Boston’s many grad schools, en route to a new career. What kind of school does she sign up for?

Last week was a two-quiz week: Tough Guys and Tough Chicks (now with answers!)



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