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March 6, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Mystery Series

We’re saluting mystery series this week, and many people associate the word “series” with television. Who are we to buck a trend? So this week’s quiz is about TV sleuths, snoops, and coppers.

    1. Huggy Bear dressed like a pimp, ran a bar, and provided “street intelligence” for which cops?
    2. What groundbreaking show about two female police officers premiered in 1982 and was originally written as a feature film?
    3. Peter Falk famously played Columbo in a series that ran from 1971 to 1978. What was the character’s first name?
    4. Name the cop-show that debuted in 1968 and was pitched with the tagline “One White, One Black, One Blonde.”
    5. Name the innovative series that rescued a former model’s career, propelled a former bartender to stardom and made history by way of its nominations, by the Directors’ Guild of America, for both Best Drama AND Best Comedy…in the same season.
    6. What Miami-based series, only recently off the air, featured one of the leading actresses from Question 2 (extra credit if you can ID the actress).
    7. In 1967, the brilliant Sydney Poitier debuted the first of three films he would make featuring the character Virgil Tibbs. Nearly 20 years later, the first of these films was made into a TV series with Howard Rollins and Carroll O’Connor. Name the film or the series.

Last week’s quiz, now with an answer!



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