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March 18, 2015

Felony of the Week: In the Spider’s House, by Sarah Diamond


Let’s say it right upfront: There are no spiders in this book. The spider’s house of the title is a fevered mind, clotted with the sticky, increasingly poisonous residue of obsession. But whose mind is it? Does it belong to novelist Anna Howell, who has moved with her husband to this postcard-pretty English town? Does it belong to the notorious – if long-ago – murderess, who appears to have some frightening connection to the Howells’ new house? Or does it belong to someone else entirely, someone perhaps who is watching Anna, who knows the house’s history, and who is just waiting for the right, the perfect moment to….act?

In the Spider’s House all but defines the term “psychological suspense.” Publisher’s Weekly called it an “atmospheric, mordant study of compulsive behavior.” Much though we love their use of “mordant” (c’mon, when was the last time you saw “mordant” in print?), we’d just call it a terrific, twisty read. We are delighted to introduce author Sarah Diamond, in her U.S. debut – so delighted that we’re offering In the Spider’s House at a 25% discount.

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March 13, 2015

Left Coast Crime Video Interviews, Part 3


As I put up this post, the third part of a series of brief interviews with mystery readers and writers recorded at the 2014 Left Coast Crime mystery convention, I am actually in Portland, OR attending the 2015 LCC. It has been a special delight to run into some of the same people again and play the videos for them. (See also the first and second parts of the interview compilation.)

March 12, 2015

Left Coast Crime Video Interviews, Part 2


Here is the second of our 2014 Left Coast Crime attendee interviews (see the first part here). Having done this now at two conventions, Julia’s favorite question to ask is “If you were ever in trouble, which fictional detective would you call?” The two most often given answers are Sherlock Holmes (for his problem solving skills) and Jack Reacher (for his punch-throwing skills), but other sleuths have also made an appearance on grounds of competence, sexiness, kindness, or just the sense one has that they might be fun to hang out with in times of trouble. Lots more answers to this particular question in our Bouchercon 2013 video interviews and, as always, we would love to hear your answer.