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Sweet Danger, by Margery Allingham

Sweet Danger

Albert Campion #5

By Margery Allingham

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• Fiction/Mystery • 272 pages

ISBN: 978-1-933397-90-0

After centuries as a Balkan backwater, the sleepy principality of Averna has—overnight—become a stunningly valuable port, thanks to an earthquake that rejiggered the regional topography. But to whose coffers will that value accrue?

Albert Campion, that interesting young man, has a hunch that the answer is to be found in a tiny Suffolk village, where a peculiar—and dead-broke—family may be able to lay claim to the Averna fortune, provided they can produce the requisite proof of lineage. The proof? Nothing terribly difficult. Just your average ancient riddle, stolen drum, long-lost bell, priceless crown, and, oh yes, a necklace of disappearing rubies.

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Fans of Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and the Golden Age of Mystery Fiction

"Will keep you guessing right to the end"—Toronto Star