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The Becket Factor, by Michael David Anthony

The Becket Factor

Canterbury Cathedral #1

By Michael David Anthony

Paperback [ $14.95 ]

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• Fiction/Mystery • 288 pages

ISBN: 978-1-933397-95-5

The first book in Michael David Anthony’s Canterbury Cathedral series, The Becket Factor features retired Colonel Richard Harrison. As the series opens, Harrison has retreated, after years in the secret service, into what is meant to be a cushy job with the Canterbury Dilapidations Board, spending quiet days tending to his beloved disabled wife. Fate, though, has other plans for Harrison, which begin with a mysterious death, move on to blackmail in the secretive world of church politics, and explode into a media circus when workmen uncover a tomb that may be the final resting place of Thomas a Becket, the notorious 12th-century Archbishop of Canterbury.

So much for that quiet retirement…

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Fans of Julia Spencer-Fleming and Phil Rickman

"A good ecclesiastical thriller is a rarity. Grab this one. It's a treat"—The Observer

"A splendid mix of the ecclesiastical, homicidal, political, and espionage"—Times of London