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Sample Chapters

We like to think that reading a novel is like hanging out with a good storyteller, sitting in a comfortable chair and listening while he or she spins the yarn. For many of us, that is paradise enow, but the trick is, you have to like the speaker: this has to be somebody you want to hang out with for three or four hours. If he tells jokes that you don’t find funny, if she has no ear for dialogue, you’ll scoot your chair over to some other talker’s table.

In other words, for F&M, the narrative voice is key. If you agree, we think you’ll like our Try Before You Buy program. We have posted the first chapters of a whole bunch of our books, and we will be posting more. Your time is precious. Give a read, and see whether you want to spend a few hours with a given storyteller. It’s free, with no judgments, but you will have to buy your own drinks.