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We are happy to receive your submissions, and guarantee to look at whatever you send, though we may not be able to do this as quickly as you might like. In order for us to review your submission, we must ask you to follow some guidelines. They are few in number but absolute: We are not able to review submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines, nor are we able to contact you to explain why we haven’t reviewed your submission, and what we need you to do in order for us to review it.

So, the famous guidelines:

  1. We publish mystery fiction for adults and, at this time, no other genres.
  2. All manuscripts must be a minimum of 80,000 words; 85,000 is preferable
  3. A submission should consist of a brief synopsis (no more than four paragraphs) and one sample chapter OR a representative ten pages.
  4. We accept submissions by email only:
  5. All submission materials (that means the synopsis and the chapter) should be sent as attachments, in either Word or PDF format, and must include your contact information, including your email address, on every page. Please use standard fonts, colors, and sizes.
  6. The following are preferences, rather than hardcore requirements, but they are STRONG preferences: First, please do not set the names of your characters in capital letters. That’s for the movie people. And second, while it’s entirely acceptable for you to send out multiple submissions, make up separate cover letters for your submissions to agents and your submissions to publishers Sending a publisher a cover letter that was clearly intended for an agent just makes it look as though you don’t pay much attention to detail, and that’s not a good first impression.